Selena Tisdale, Eli Collins Foundation for Premature Babies' Founder & Executive Director, was born and raised in Kingstree, South Carolina.  The mother of two amazing and beautiful daughters, Brionna (22) and Aubriell (19), she has always been known for her caring and loving nature as well as her affection for children. “I always knew I wanted to be in the field of assisting & supporting people since I was a child”.

After graduating from Kingstree Senior High School, Selena went on to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Limestone College. She then went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Webster University. Upon completing her formal education, Selena began her professional career with the Williamsburg County Treasurer's Office for four years until she transitioned into her position with the Williamsburg County Disability and Special Needs Board for 5 ½ years where they provide: quality services and support for citizens who have intellectual disabilities, autism, developmental disabilities, head injuries, or spinal cord injuries. She is also an employee of Waccamaw EOC, where she spends her time providing innovative services and collaborating with agencies and organizations to promote economic self-sufficiency while also giving a hand-up to those who need it most.  Selena also serves as a Sunday school teacher and member of the Usher’s Board for her church so working to provide relief and services to the community has always been woven within her. After experiencing the memorable time with her son, Eli, Selena knew she had to provide services and care to those parents enduring the same.  Please visit the “Eli’s Story” page to read about her journey.

Aubriell 19, Daughter

Brionna 22, Daughter

Welcome to the Eli Collins Foundation For Premature Babies

"Where you can receive support, counseling, resources, and most importantly LOVE during this difficult time"

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help the parents and families of premature babies cope during such a difficult phase in their lives, stay encouraged, receive support from several resources, and keep the faith that even though they have endured such a challenge, life will continue and so will they. We want to strengthen them with knowledge, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically...Ultimately strengthening the community as a whole.

Selena Tisdale


Eli Collins Foundation for Premature Babies

Board of Directors

​Selena Tisdale: Chairman of the Board & Executive Director

Stephanie Brown: President

Kim Williamson: Treasurer

Angela Johnson:Secretary

Monica Johnson: Board Member

Shakana Johnson: Vice President

Tiffany Cooks-Wright: Board member